Just three years ago, the majority of the computer systems in our district were more than 12 years old (or older) which in the technology world makes them virtually obsolete. Today, thanks to the YES Foundation as well as parent and community donations of both computers and funding, our schools now have mobile systems (including laptops and tablets) at every school and updated and complete computer labs. Every classroom is equipped with an instructional system that includes projection which teachers use to access and teach from digital curriculum and Internet-based information.

The presence of technology in the classroom is one part of a detailed and broad reaching district-wide plan to integrate technology into classrooms and curriculum. The Ross Valley School District believes that students must acquire and become proficient with technical skills and literacy to particpate in global, 21st-century society. Our technology plan, based on a three‑year cycle that began in 2012-13, articulates this beilef in a set of directions for the application of technology to teaching and learning.

Teacher and student use of technology is evident throughout our classrooms and campuses:

  • All teachers have tablets and projection systems that they use to project animations of science and math concepts, present and illustrate lessons and more.
  • Recent YES Foundation fundraising has brought in $17,000 earmarked for bringing more iPads into school classrooms. In addtion, YES continues to raise funds to support other aspects of the DIstrict's technology plan, including the important function of teacher training and technology coaching.
  • All elementary schools now have computer labs that are equipped with 28 systems for teaching technology literacy, typing skills and more to entire classes. These labs provide the essential support for computer-based assesment that is part of the Common Core standards.
  • 3rd through 8th-grade students use Google documents for homework assignments, submitting their homework simply by 'sharing' their documents online with their teachers.
  • Parents, teachers and students have access to rich and robust digital curriculum resources.
  • At White Hill Middle School, our Robotics STEM program has evolved from a student club to a fully graded elective that meets for one hour every day. The students work on STEM-based robotics projects and enter both regional and in state-wide competitions.
  • Teachers are using an interactive, Internet-based system called Edmodo to commincate with students about assignments, share assignment documents and help, provide pre-class reading preparation and more. Edmodo is now the standard for our middle school students and teachers making their communications and teaching much more effective and efficient.
  • Technology integration is also part the District's arts and music instrution. Music teachers use Edmodo to upload songs and music for at-home practicing. During the 2013-14 year, White Hill's art electives now include digital photography and media. Every student in the digital photography class will have their own system for exploring the creativity of digital image editing and alteration.
  • Teachers and administrators throughout the district continue to attend technology conferences and workshops focused on effective and efficient integration of technology into teaching and learning.

Ross Valley School District Technology Plan

Approved: May, 2012

Effective: July 2, 2012 - June 30, 2015

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