Schools across our nation, our state and here in the Ross Valley School District are in the midst of a critical transformation that impacts all aspects of our education system, from teaching to curriculum to testing. The driver behind this change is a robust and rigorous set of educational standards called the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). CCSS lays out clear educational expectations and goals designed to create literate, capable and productive members of 21st century global society. Common Core sets requirements not only for mathematics and English language arts but for literacy in history/social studies, science and technical subjects as well.

California is one of 46 states that have adopted CCSS and turned the emphasis of public school curricula from rote learning and multiple choice testing to critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaborative work and strong communications skills.  Common Core education model includes three fundamentals of learning:

  • Making Meaning: thinking critically and creatively; connecting prior knowledge to new learning; using language symbols and text
  • Participating and Contributing: engaging twith others in learning; communicating ideas, feelings, perspectives and understanding; relating to others' ideas, feelings and experiences
  • Managing Learning: Taking personal responsibility for learning; adapting learning techniques; persevering with challenges

Since California’s adoption the standards in August 2010, RVSD teachers and administrators have been working to integrate them into all aspects of the curriculum and the classroom and implement a technology infrastructure that supports them. Today, CCS is part of our thinking and planning for everything from professional development to classroom technology to student progress monitoring. We are building this new vision on top of our solid foundation of strong community and dedicated teachers who already value creativity and independent thinking. Our other programs, such as music, art and physical education, will continue to grow and evolve along with our classroom instruction.

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